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  • Marysville United Methodist Church

  • St. Clair Running Club

  • Fox Pointe Equestrian Center

  • Chinese Shar-Pei Club Of America Inc.

  • La Casa Artisans

  • Be Kind (Coming Soon)

  • Great Lake Michigan Apparel (Coming Soon)

How Your Custom Apparel Store Works

Your very own custom apparel store is the perfect solution  for when employees or another group of people pay for their own uniforms, accessories, or any fan apparel to support a cause. This is a great time saver for you because you no longer have to deal with the problems that arise when trying to collect money from each person and stops the mistakes that come with written order forms. Only the branded apparel you choose to make available will be put on the website for your staff to browse and purchase. 

Custom Apparel Store

Each product page includes:​

  • A picture of the product with the chosen decoration. 

  • The kind of material the product is made out of.

  • The colors that can be ordered.

  • Product measurements with instructions to allow the user to correctly determine what size they should order.

When the user is ready to check out they pay with a credit card via PayPal and we receive their order.

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